Instagram Story Questions Makes Simple Surveys…well…Simple.

In July, this week actually, Instagram rolled out a new questions sticker for users to ask questions and take questions from followers.

For personal use, it’s a great feature to asking friends and followers what they think about current events, or even your hair today. You can also modify the text for users to answer a specific question you provide.

The feature comes up when making a story, as one of the many stickers you can add. Replies appear in the list where you can view who has seen your story. If you find one that you would like to showcase to all of your followers, you can simply tap the question, answer it within your story, and other followers won’t see who sent the question/answer.

How can marketers use this new tool?

For brands big and small, this new feature is a easy way to answer questions and gather input from fans and followers.

For example, if you want to know what new products you should provide at your boutique female accessory store, you can ask that!

Need to know of some great ideas for beers and new menu items to try? Do it!

Along with the other features that Instagram Stories provides with polling, this new addition is a new way to ask questions and learn about how your customers view you, through a social media platform.

The information you gather can help make simple business decisions, as well as open up the opportunities to showcase the personality of your brand.

Ask questions – engage with followers – build your brand.

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