My Top 10 Memories With Houston First

On January 6, 2014, I stepped through the doors of Houston First and started as an intern. Four years later, I’m putting in my notice and I will be moving on to a new position, a new city, and a new challenge!

(realizing how much I’ve changed)

I have so many memories from this company, but I wanted to showcase my top ten as I prepare to start a new chapter in my life.

10. New Experience with Filming

I once made a video in my senior year of high school for my A.P. World History class. I haven’t done much since! However, when our team acquired additional equipment that could enhance our video presence on social media, I wanted to lead the charge.

I started making little 1-2-minute videos that showcase attractions around Houston. For me, I gathered experience working in Premier Pro, as well as experience in filming and laying out my storyboard. It also got me to experience parts of Houston I never have.

9. My Responsibilities

From creating videos and going on photo shoots, to managing advertising campaigns for digital, print, and social. I’ve had the ability to lead projects that have made me stronger in my knowledge and my confidence.

8. Marketing Awards

Nothing feels as good as being part of a project, writing up an award submission, attending the gala, and winning. I’ve been happy to be a part of a team that can produce such amazing work, and win awards that demonstrate our skills to our stakeholders.

7. The Food

I don’t think I could make a list about good things in Houston without mentioning the food. Coming from Michigan, it has been night and day. I’ve been able to try various types of cuisines from all around the world. I’ve loved every bite.


6. The Growth of my Photography

Before coming to Houston, I had done a little bit of photography here and there. Over the past couple of years, however, I have been even more motivated and active in pursuing that passion.

Sunset Beach

My position has allowed me to gain experience with all types of photography, and that work has allowed me to expand my equipment, my knowledge, and my skills.

5. The 2016 NCAA Final Four

For the 2016 NCAA Final Four, I was on the ground in the fan experience area, covering activities, activation and concerts. I met Matthew Stafford randomly, quarterback for my team, the Detroit Lions. I covered concerts front row – from Maroon 5 to Pitbull and Kendrick Lamar.

4. The Completion of Avenida Houston

When I started with Houston First in 2014, Avenida Houston was an idea that hadn’t broken ground. The 1,000-room Marriott Marquis Houston would break ground four months after I started, and watching both come together was a lot of fun.

Orange GRB Small

Standing on the plaza around a completed Avenida Houston, with the new hotel, new restaurants, and new facade of the George R. Brown Convention Center, I felt a part of the goals and the vision of the corporation. I was motivated even more to promote the space as a downtown destination for Houstonians and visitors alike.

3. Super Bowl LI

Houston hosted another Super Bowl at the beginning of 2017, and I had the opportunity to be in the center of it all. From meeting my favorite NFL analysts, players, and getting to cover it all, was truly amazing.


Covering the activities available for visitors and Houstonians made the experience even better. Seeing how Avenida Houston had formed to become such an excellent gathering space, was truly inspiring.

2. The 2017 World Series

After seven games against the L.A. Dodgers, the Houston Astros were World Series Champs! We made a bet with Discover L.A., which was the kind of bet I’ve seen many other cities and businesses make. The winner took over the other’s social media channels, and it made the win that much sweeter.

The other aspect that made the World Series so great was celebrating with other Houston Astros fans all over downtown after the Game 7 victory. It was a sight to be seen after the year Houston had.

1. The People I’ve Met

Right? Obviously this is number one. Although, through my four years with Houston First, I’ve made some amazing friends, and the company has put me in the position to meet many amazing people from around the community, nation and world. I’ve been able to learn a lot from the people immediately around me. For that, I am grateful.

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