5 Bold Ways to Use Instagram Stories

Many marketers are looking at the new year to start or increase dedication to Instagram. If your business has recently started, has made a plan to in 2018, or has been for years, here are a few tips to take your use of Instagram stories to a new level.

Reach users with location tagging

One of the many features of Instagram Stories is to allow a location tag to your post. You’ll find the tag by taking your photo to upload in Stories, tapping the square smile in the top right, and select “location.”

A few different options will appear for you geographically, or you can also search.

When in Instagram, users can see all stories from specific tags, allowing your content to be seen by more users than just your followers. This goes well for businesses providing offers for a specific location, wanting greater reach. The same goes for hashtags.

Like always, make sure your content is relative to the hashtags and location data that you are providing. If not, you will instantly have a negative perception from viewers.

Diverse video content

Stories offers you various forms of dynamic content for your viewers. When posting, look to use each to create fun content for your followers to enjoy.

When Stories began, normal photos and videos were what was available. Now, entering 2018, users can enjoy live video, text, “superzoom” (with various types”, rewind, and stop-motion.

What I suggest, is try out the various forms for your business, but don’t fully invest in one form. Too many uses of Boomerang can make your content seem too playful. Too many plain photos won’t interest your followers enough. If you are working with specific products, food, and content that can be in front of you, look to use stop-motion to create something that users can’t find in other places.


Now linking content on Instagram Stories is reserved for verified pages, but it holds great opportunities for businesses to push their content to followers with links to websites.

One mistake that I have seen across profiles is placing a link within a piece of copy. However, on the front end, users cannot go through to the link when in your copy. Businesses will need to place the link in their profile and direct users there.

Try this: next time you are looking to post content that has a content page component, create two posts with two pieces of copy. One post will go on your feed as a typical Instagram post, and you will direct users to click the link in your bio. Alternatively, find a new image and (if you can) link to your site through Instagram Stories.

For both URLs, use different UTM codes to be able to see which post received more website traffic.

Go live

Showcasing live content is no longer just for Facebook and Twitter. Go live on Instagram Stories to create a unique experience for your followers. Take them somewhere that they won’t find on Facebook and Twitter. Never let your live video be identical across platforms, unless it absolutely has to. Give prospects a reason to follow all three platforms instead of one.


Ask questions, take polls, talk to your followers because your followers want to talk to you.

Short and sweet.


Have fun with it. It’s your business and your followers are with you because they like what you do. Showcase the ins and outs of your business and make the most of the people who love you.

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