Instagram’s “Caught Up” Feature: What this Means for Your Content

It’s been a couple weeks, but Instagram recently came out with it’s “caught up” feature, which notifies users when they have caught up with content from the previous two days.

The feature creates a space between posts, notifying users that they have caught up on posts from the previous two days. This does not effect ads, but can influence engagement levels for businesses on Instagram.

If your business is on Instagram, this new improvement to the platform means that consumers may only see your content once. After rolling in bed, grabbing their phone in the morning, wiping their eyes from debris and seeing what’s happened on social in the last 6-8 hours, users will be caught up. If they see your content once, wait a few hours, they will be met with newer content from followed brands and friends, then be met with the “caught up” section.

At this point, users may not be willing to keep scrolling to find content.

What this means for businesses, is that you have almost one shot at gaining user engagement on your social media posts.

Your solution: pay attention to your top-performing content, as well as the top-performing content of the previous few months. Aim to make additional content decisions based on users seeing your posts only one time.

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