Why People are ‘Unliking’ You

What’s a more exciting feeling, then gaining new followers, and hitting milestones. You get your first, your first thousand, and so on. Sometimes, you’ll click your Facebook “Insights” tab and find out that you’ve lost followers. Not only have you lost some, you’ve lost more than you’ve gained some days, and even throughout the month.

For account owners, it can be a scary sight to see. There is a lot of pride and effort within your Facebook page, as well as all of the social media platforms that you’re on.

Set your mind at ease, cause here’s why people are unliking you.

They didn’t get what they came for

We’ll start with the hardest to grasp – some people like your page for one reason, only to find out that it wasn’t really what they wanted to see. There might have been one post that made them interested enough to like your page, and one to unlike it.

In advertising campaigns, you’re feeding a prompt to users without them understanding the types of content they will receive in their feeds. This is why, when you finish a campaign, you’ll start to see users drop off from your profile at a rate above before you started.

They moved

This one applies to me, since I’m still unliking pages from Houston and San Antonio that pop up in my feed (recently moved back to Michigan). People move, and it’s something to understand that people’s lives may change their liking and need of your page. If they don’t live near your small business, they’ll find you and leave you on social.

Those who declutter

Over time, we’ve liked hundreds, if not thousands of pages on our social media profiles. Thanks to algorithms, we sometimes lose track of all of these pages until they randomly pop back up.

Much like with every New Year’s resolution, we try to declutter and filter our lives. We do that with the photos on our phones, the clothes in our closet, and the pages that we follow on social media. We’re always in a state of staying relevant with ourselves.

Why you shouldn’t worry

As I stated above, don’t be too concerned with drops in likes, rises in unlikes, especially after Facebook like campaigns. You’re always going to lose people for various forms of reasons. On like campaigns specifically, you’re gaining followers on a single image/video advertisement, and users are liking your page without seeing a single post. 

What is important, is that over time, you are gaining and losing followers, filtering your social media following to the users most likely to enjoy, engage, and act on your profile.

With billions of users on social media platforms, continue to stick to your brand’s personality, and build valuable likes to your page. Understand that users are just like you and I, and learn what kinds of content make users come back for more.

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